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Psyche of Sound

The Future is Hear!


From out the shadows of an industry full of talent, drive, and creativity, an artist with the charisma and persona of some of his greatest predecessors stands tall. He has earned the right to be called an Artist with his undeniable sound that reaches out and speaks to your soul. There’s no wonder why his name is “Psyche of Sound.”


Songwriter-Producer Psyche of sound is an electrifying entertainer, one that can be seen playing multiple instruments in the studio and on the stage. Although he plays the guitar, bass and keys, he can usually be seen on stage with his Unique and rare instrument called the “Zendrum” ( Often compared to the likes of Icons such as Prince and Michael Jackson, Psyche’s work ethic and life-long dedication to his art express the true passion for his music. But If there was any one artist that could combine the two best it would be Psyche. His stage show has elements of dance and spontaneous excitement, along with sex-appeal and musicianship. He is truly the soul, mind, and body of sound and the beholder of the key that will spearhead the musical revolution. If it’s true that breakthrough artist rock the hardest, then keep your eyes on Psyche of Sound cause the break-through will come to pass

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